What is ARM?

Association of Rotation Molders International (ARM I)

It is an industry association representing companies from around the world; there are currently members in 58 countries.

Members include manufacturers of plastic Rotomolding, industry suppliers, designers and professionals. ARM International is the leading voice of the industry and the source of information on the rotational molding. The Association serves its members, focusing on the needs of designer’s customers, you educators, suppliers, employees of the company as part of the association and regulators.


Miraplástek belongs to the Association of Rotomoulders (ARM) allowing you to be at the forefront on technologies applicable to Model Rotational.

Miraplástek is the only Mexican Rotomolding company which has been constant since more than 25 years ago. He has participated as an active member, giving courses, serve on the Board of Directors and committees, allowing him to be a leader in the industry, providing customer products of the more high quality created the best available for the Rotomolding technology.