Agriculture and livestock

We have storage tanks, fertilizes tanks, feeders, stock tanks, spreader tanks and more. All of the technology and quality of Miraplástek products, now designed especially for agriculture.

Some of our ideal products for agriculture and animal husbandry are:

• Milk Cans

The best most economical milk can option on the market; sanitary, light weight, very durable. These units will not rust nor dent, will not contaminate contents, and will last for years. Space saving stackable design and complete with molded in content gauge.

Horizontal Tanks

We have one for every need: Small spray tanks and spreader units, cylindrical with or without legs/base, oval sectional, etc., and can be mounted on plataforms or trailers. Ideal for the transport or storage of all types of liquids from potable water to combustibles.

• Transport Tanks

Designed especially for the transport of liquids such as water, milk and all other liquids for human consumption, fertilizers, chemical products, etc., and also molded of special material for the transport of combustible. Very durable, light weight, and easy to handle so you can transform your pickup into a transport truck in minutes, for whatever you need to transport.

Politermos (Thermal Bulk Bins)

Transport your fish and seafood in a sure and economical manner. The special features of these Miraplástek double walled, insulated containers will allow you to move and store your cold products at a cost significantly less than of similiar refrigerated units.

Espherical fertilizer Tank

Special care is required for the transport of liquid fertilizers. Miraplastek spherical tanks allow for safe transport and perfect discharge. These units can be installed on trailers or pickup trucks so you can transport fertilizer wherever you need it.

Feeders and Stock Tanks

Especially designed for the best protection of your stock while feeding and drinking. These units are very resistant, durable and do nor require any maintenance. Don´t settle anything less.

• Politanq´s (Bulk Bins) for produce 

Ideal for the handling and transport of fruit and produce from their point of original right throught to final processing and delivery. So durable that your investment will keep paying off for many years to come.

• Hoppers

Miraplástek hoppers facilitate the storage and handling of liquids or dry materials such as powders and granules, and will discharge gradually and completely. You are sure to find the  ideal shape and size of your agricultural application. These units are very durable, and will protect their contents.

• Cheese mold

For cheese molding, these units are made of prime grade FDA approved polyethylene, very durable and resistant to the aggresive detergents and disifectants used in the dairy industry.