Aquaculture and fishing

To solve the problems of storage and transport of fish, fish and shellfish, both at sea and in aquaculture farms. We have various tanks, boats, thermal containers, marqueteras boxes, baskets, etc.

We are the new option to the form modern exploit the products of the sea.

Some of our products ideal for agriculture and fisheries are:

  • Boats Estanqueras

The boats “MIRAPLÁSTEK” estanqueras are ideal for use in aquaculture farms the size and shape. They are light weight, not break, rot or rust. Your comfort and duration be made by your means of favorite transport within the ponds.

  • Baskets shrimp

Baskets shrimp are the perfect solution to rinse the shrimp inside the boat. The baskets shrimp MIRAPLASTEK are designed specifically for this use. They do not require any maintenance, not abuse the shrimp or your people, occupy minimal space and above all last for many seasons.

  • Buoy

Miraplástek buoys are very useful for fishing and the delimitation of spaces in the tanks. They are very light weight and they can be manufactured in bright colors. They have spaces reserved for placement of signs and anchors.

  • Tub of acclimatization

This tub is used in aquaculture farms for the acclimatization of the shrimp farming while this grows and can be moved to the pond. They are very durable and will not rust or require maintenance.

  • Tanks for various uses

The “tanks for uses several MIRAPLÁSTEK have as main use contain the shrimp farming, its breaks waves avoided you the spill movement.” To be manufactured with polyethylene makes them lighter and they are not oxidized.

  • Trays Marqueteras

They are ideal for frozen shrimp, resistant up to – 40 ° C, they are very durable and excellent for daily work.

  • Tubs for slaughter

Already not complicate with metal tubs that are oxidized and was dent, count the “tub for slaughter” MIRAPLASTEK. They are manufactured in polyethylene which resists temperatures of 60 ° C to – 40 ° C. They do not require maintenance.

  • Horizontal tanks

There is one for every need: small applicators, cylinders with no legs, elliptic modular, etc. Adapt to trailers or platforms. They are perfect for storing or transporting all kinds of liquids, from drinking water to fuel.

  • Conveyors tanks

Designed especially for the transfer of liquids such as water, milk, food, fertilizers and chemicals. They are also manufactured in special for transportation of fuel material. Very resistant and light weight, they transform their van in a pipe, so doubled its use in a matter of minutes.

  • Politermos

Politermos help you moved your fish or shellfish in economical and secure way. “MIRAPLÁSTEK” politermos are containers with insulation, whose design and features allows you to move and store products in cold at a cost significantly.