Meat packing

For all types of meat packing form beef to poultry, you can count on Miraplástek to have the right containers to meet the necessary requirements such as sanitary design, easy to clean, and very long lasting. With our line of containers for the meat packing industry, your valuable product will be handled in a safe, clean and protected manner.

We recommend our “Politanq” Bulk Bins for large volumes to be handled by forklift.

Some of our products ideal for agriculture and fisheries are:

• Meat cart

Made of prime grade FDA approved polyethylene, our meat carts are your best option for all types of meat carts are your best option for all type of meat products from one process to the next. What´s more, these units are designed to work with conventional meat tilting and dumping equipment. These cart containers are molded in one solid and seamless piece making them fast and easy to clean and sanitize effectively. With the particular sanitary grade of materials used to make these units, Miraplástek meat carts are very hygienic and ideal for the transport of your meat products.

• Politanq´s (Bulk Bins)

Miraplástek bulk bins (politanq´s) are designed for applications where sanitary conditions are a key factor. Made of prime grade FDA approved polyethylene to ensure the prevention of cross contamination to the contents. Complete with forklift entryway bases that make moving materials and product fast and convenient. With smooth interior surfaces and rounded corners, their design helps prevent bacerial growth and make them very fast and easy to clean.

• Polithermos (Thermal Bulk Bins)

Transport your fish and seafood in a sure and economical manner. The special features of these Miraplástek double walled, insulated containers will allow you to move and store your cold products at a cost significantly less than of similar refrigerated units.

• Industrial boxes

Molded from prime grade FDA approved polyethylene, sanitary, durable and easy to clean. Their durability prevents frecuent replacement necessary with damaged inferior boxes, which in turn eliminates the needless waste of raw materials and finished product. Available  option include lettering for identification, various colors and mobile bases.