Pharmaceutical and Chemical

Miraplástek has over 25 years of experience meeting the specialized and complex needs of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Ideal for both of these industries, our products are sanitary, easy to clean, durable, maintenance free, and resistant to a very wide range of chemical agents.

We have a host of designs developed especially for these industries, from transport and handling, to the secure storage of your pharmaceutical and chemical materials.

Some of our ideal products for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry are:

• Ingredients Bins

Designed for all types of ingredients including liquids, granules, powders and more. Made of prime grade FDA approved polyethylene for maximum hygiene and easy cleaning. Easily removed from their bases for fast and convenient cleaning. Easily removed from their bases for fast and convenient cleaning. Secure covers prevent spillage and cross contamination, while permitting easy access to the contents.

• Utility Bins

Our bins are an ideal replacement for bins made of fiberglass, galvanized steel. The resistance of these units to a wide range of chemical products eliminates high maintenance costs caused by corrosion and oxidation. More economical than stainless steel and just as durable. Available in various sizes, colors and wall thicknesses.

• Pharmaceutical Ampoule box

These boxes are the best availabe option for the secure and sanitary handling of ampoule viais. From the production and filing process through the final packing of these fragile and delicate units, our boxes protect glass ampoules preventing breakage, scratching and contamination.

• Transport tanks

Designed especially for the transport of liquids such as water, milk and all other liquids for human consumption, fertilizers, chemical products, etc. and also molded of special material for the transport of combustibles. Very durable, light weight, and easy to handle so you can transform your pickup into a transport truck in minutes, for whatever you need to transport.

• Industrial boxes

Molded from prime grade FDA approved polyethylene, sanitary, durable and easy to clean. Their durability prevents frecuent replacement necessary with damaged inferior boxes, in turn elminates the needless waste of raw materials and finished product. Available options include lettering for identification, various colors and mobile bases.

• Drums

Miraplástek drums and batch cans are in a host of applications an are ideal for the pharmaceutical processing industries. Their extra durability eliminates frequent replacement and reduces content loss due to breakage (problems commonly found with inferior drums). Space saving Miraplástek drums and batch cans are available either conical or cylindrical in a variety of sizes. The conical style is nestable when empty, and both are stackable with either specially designed covers.