Hotels, restaurants and hospitals

For the ever growing hotel and hospital industries, we have bins, hotel and laundry carts, mobile luggage racks, mobile loading platforms, tilt carts for laundry or trash, dunnage racks for storage areas, and thermal refrigeration containers, etc.

Our convenient hotel products are very durable, easy to handle, do not require maintenance, and will not only protect their contents but will protect your installations and personnel as well.

The option of having this product personalized with your company logo is also available.

Some of our ideal products for agriculture and animal husbandry are:

• Mobile luggage racks and mobile loading platforms

Light weight but durable, this product was developed to reduce the workload of your personnel. Their bases are molded of polyethylene with reinforced steel plates, and come complete with ergonomic handles making it easy to move luggage and cargo. Available in various colors and with your company logo.

• Hotel cart

These service carts are designed for collecting laundry from hotel rooms while complementing the desing and esthetics of your hotel. Miraplástek hotel carts are the best option available for the transport and storage of all types of suppliers and laundry without causing damage nor marking walls, and in a manner that´s safe for your service personnel. While light weight and durable, these units will not rust nor dent, and they are available in various colors and with your company logo.

• Laundry cart

Our laundry carts are you best option for the transport and storage or laundry and fresh linen. Their bases have internal metal structures to handle the heaviest loads of wet laundry. Ideal for moving all types of supplies and laundry without causing damage nor marking wall and in a manner that´s safe for your service personnel.

• Utility bins

Our bins are an ideal replacement for bins made of fiberglass, galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel. The resistance of these units to a wide range of chemical products eliminates high maintenance costs caused by corrosion and oxidation. Available in various sizes, colors and wall thicknesses.

• Trash containers

You can count on finding the right size and model to handle your waste managment needs. Covers with swinging doors to suppress odors. Completely smooth for easy cleaning. Will not rust nor dent and do not require any maintenance.

• Tilt Carts

Ideal for the transport of food products, ingredients, raw materials, chemical products, and all types of finished products, rejected and/or waste by products. Complete with handless for easy control, fixed and swivel wheels for smooth transport, and arched bases for easy tilting and comfortable unloading. You can count on these units to be very stable and designed to be safe for your personnel.