Productive process

All of the products manufactured at Miraplástek are produced via Rotational Molding, a relatively new process on a global scale and recently applied in Mexico. In the last ten years, this process has evolved at very special characteristics of which have been taken advantage of very successfully at Miraplástek.

The Process of Rotational Molding, also know as Rotomolding, consist of 4 basic stages:

– Charging the mold

– Heating the mold

– Cooling the mold

– De-molding the part

Charging the mold

A previously measured and precise amount of plastic material, in a accordance to the part specifications, is loaded into the mold. At Miraplástek, this is performed with specially designed equipment and highly qualified personnel. You can be sure we will use the right mix of the highest quality prime materials designed specially for the application of the product.

Heating the mold

Once the mold has been charged, heat is applied which melts the plastic material within. At the same time heat is applied, the mold is rotated on two perpendicular axis so as to permit the material to adhere little by little to the entire internal surfaces of the mold. Miraplástek utilizes the most dependable, most prestigious brands of Rotational Molding machines available on the market. We are constantly updating in order to tale advantage of the latest advances in technology.

Cooling the mold

After all the plastic material has adhered to, and taken on the form of, the interior of the mold, the cooling process is initiated so the plastic can begin to harden into the form with the intended characteristics. During this cooling process as well as the heating, the tightest of controls are maintained in order to produce parts of the highest quality.

De-molding the part

Once the part has been formed and sufficiently cooled, the part can be removed from the mold and the next cycle of production can begin.

This last stage, seemingly simple, requires a good amount of technology to remove parts of complex design while conserving the advantageous characteristics of Rotational Molding. Miraplástek has a department dedicated to parts and mold design, as well as an in-house mold manufacturing facility.